Ferid Murad, MD, PhD

Nobel Laureate

Ferid Murad is an American physician and pharmacologist who won a share of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology for the discovery that nitric oxide (NO) acts as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system of mammals. His work paved the way for significant development in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

The son of hardworking restaurant owners in Indiana, he grew up watching his less-educated parents toil hard to earn their livelihood. This in part inspired him to get professionally qualified when he was old enough. From a young age, he began helping his parents in running the business and learned the values of hard work and determination. His mother’s compassion for the underprivileged motivated the boy to become a doctor. A brilliant student, he completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the pre-med program at DePauw University and proceeded to the Case Western Reserve University for his MD and pharmacology Ph.D. He practiced as a physician while simultaneously embarking on an academic career. In the 1970s, he performed research that showed that nitroglycerin and several related heart drugs induce the formation of nitric oxide. Dr. Murad’s work eventually led to significant discoveries that revolutionized the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

Danny Petrasek MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Danny Petrasek is a physician scientist with broad expertise in medical physiology and metabolism. After completing his clinical training, he was invited to participate in the UCLA Specialty Training & Advanced Research (STAR) Program. During that time, he became the first physician to receive a PhD in applied and computational mathematics from the California Institute of Technology's (Caltech) division of engineering and applied sciences. Dr. Petrasek's scientific contributions span the spectrum of the medical field including: translational medicine, dermatology, metabolism, nutrition, cardiology, and endocrine physiology. He has innovated products for fortune 50 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. 

As a product developer in the direct sales industry, he has designed and marketed a range of successful products including: topical skin care, nutritional supplements, energy and hydration, cognition and women’s health. The sales channels include MLM, Internet marketing, professional markets as well as traditional and electronic retail. 

As director of the Global Virtual Hospital, a multi university telehealth program (Baylor College of Medicine, Imperial College, Caltech and NTU), he led a team of physicians, technologists and health care providers in creating a wellness and general health service via the Internet.


David Brubaker


Mr Brubaker is a luminary in the health and wellness business. He pioneered the launch and distribution of the first full line of natural vitamins into U.S. food and drug chains. 

As Founder and President of Leiner Health Products, he led the company to become the largest vitamin manufacturer in the U.S., distributing to over 60,000 retail outlets with corporate revenues exceeding $750 million annually. 

He partnered with Dr. Art Ulene and founded the Feeling Fine Company. The Feeling Fine Company launched standardized herbal extracts and science-based vitamins formulated for, and endorsed by, “America’s Family Doctors” (NBC’s Today Show). 

He founded and created HealthWell Ventures, LLC, a science-based Product Development Company working in concert with Herbalife Corporation and utilizing Dr. Lou Ignarro, as their “Voice of Authority” for their cardio formulas. The flagship result of this Herbalife partnership was the creation of “Niteworks,” an N.O. based powder acting as a natural vasodilator that helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Launched in 2002 and distributed by Herbalife to over 40 countries worldwide, “Niteworks” currently contributes over $250 million a year to Herbalife’s revenues.

Brian Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kelly has more than 20 years experience in product development and direct marketing. He has created multi-million dollar programs in the nutritional supplement skincare and fitness categories.

He sold a direct-marketing company, Promenade Communications, to a New York Stock Exchange traded public company, E4L (NYSE: ETV) and has co-owned shopping channels in the US and UK. Kelly previously served as the President of the largest divisions of Guthy-Renker Corporation, one of the largest privately owned direct marketing companies in the world. 

He is a graduate of The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He attended UCLA Law School and practiced law at the law firm of Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory.

Jay Brubaker

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr Brubaker is an experienced and creative marketer in the health and wellness space. As head of marketing for Healthwell/Nutra-Genetics, he was responsible for project management and marketing in a venture with Herbalife.
At Nature’s Science, LLC he partnered with Dr. Louis Pacheco and David Brubaker to market nutraceuticals leveraging the name and reputation of Dr. Pacheco throughout the US, particularly in Hispanic communities. He was responsible for marketing and operations for the venture.

Mr Brubaker is President of Coby Cares Foundation which was founded in 1989 in the memory of his mother, Coby Brubaker. The Coby Cares Foundation supports health, wellness, and education for underprivileged children around the world.