10 Percent More. YES please!

I'm sure we've all said this before... 

"Tomorrow, I'm starting my diet and I'm hitting the gym."

I know I have.  Many times over.  With all the fast moving parts in our lives, we somehow always find a way to put our health and keeping in shape last. Why? It's easy to suppress a non-habit in our lives.  The hardest part of keeping a routine "habit" is actually keeping to it!

As a former collegiate athlete, where I was up before everyone else going for 5 mile runs and never worrying about what I ate because I burnt it faster than I could consume. 

As we get older, our bodies unfortunately age with us.  My metabolism is not what is used to be. I could eat anything and see no change to my body.  At 36, it's a different story as I'm sure most can relate.  It's amazing how one element of your body's natural compositions slows down and has such an effect.  It's true... A good metabolism = A healthy functioning body.

 As a 36 year old professional, I'm always on the go, always hustling and working.  With that comes little time to myself.  Little time to go for a run or to the gym.  It's wake up, work, work some more, run errands, work some more, sleep, and repeat. 

Well, this year I decided to do something about my time and health.  I started looking around for something different than the typical, "Loose weight and get in shape with this pill."  As amazing and life changing as this sounds, pills aren't the answer and rarely do they do anything. Seems like everything is solved by taking a pill these days and I'm not for that. 

I've always been a believer in what comes from the ground is natural and is the best solution for whatever it is you put into your body.  

That's when I discovered Ten Plus during one of my health searches online.  It's an all natural metabolic enhancer which gives your metabolism that extra push, naturally. It's natural and a fair price... I'm in!



Made up of Dark Cherries, Grape Skin Extract, Turmeric root, Citric Acid and more, this product is all natural and if you do your research on the individual ingredients, you'll find these are pretty darn good for you.  

After about a week of taking the recommended amount, I did feel a bit of extra energy through-out the day. Now, I don't know if this was a placebo effect or not, so I continued taking the supplement. I have to mention that I also combined taking the powder with ACTUALLY going to the gym and making an effort to do a few short runs through-out the week.  

It's really easy to take.  You can mix it with water or anything else that suits your taste and take it with your meal or in between. The flavor is good and really doesn't need anything added, unlike other supplements.




Since I rarely measure my performance and improvement while working out, I decided to put it to the test.  When it comes to lifting weights, I know that I tend to increase my weights once a week. (I push myself, so it may be longer for others. Depends on your own workout regiment.) For my running, I timed myself once a day running 3 miles at a time.  Yes, I would have to gauge my energy and how I felt at each mile marker as well as how I felt post run. 

To make this more legit, I brought a long-time friend into the mix of this test.  He runs every day, has done full marathons and competes locally in 5k's. I figured he'd be perfect for this test as his times won't typically increase as much as mine would since he's been at this longer than I have.  You always have to account for the initial jump and increase in performance when you're just starting out with your exercise routines. 

We both took the product equally, once a day for 1 month.  John, my friend, started to see and feel a difference around week 2 and by week 4, he said there's a "Noticeable difference in his workout and post workout."  He said that his times were improving, but it felt effortless. 




As for me, I definitely felt a simplified recovery time after workouts.   

I think the biggest take away from trying this product is that there's no "drop off" or "crash."  Some of the other products and pills I've tried tend to make you feel good, but later in the day, you hit a wall and don't feel like doing anything.  Almost as if you need to take more in order to keep that "high." 




TEN PLUS is definitely one of my favorite supplements I've taken to this day.  Simple to use and makes a difference on your overall health and performance. 

I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get an extra kick in the butt for getting back into shape or who wants to add a little extra to their existing routine.  It's all natural and is perfect addition to my daily schedule.